Nigeria: Beyond the Ceasefire, By Dele Agekameh

It was largely unexpected. But when it came, it came with a bang. Everybody was heldspell-bound. Perhaps, this illustrates the news that filtered in last Friday to the effect that the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Boko Haram terrorists have agreed to cease hostility.  Announcing the ceasefire in Abuja at the end of the conference on…
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Dele Agekameh

Lynching by impeachment, By Dele Agekameh

When the whole drama started, it looked more like one of those beer parlour jokes. Expectedly, people, especially the media, quickly dubbed it, rather derisively, “Chicken Impeachment”. That underscores the degree of scorn and bewilderment with which the entire comedy of the absurd was held. But those who were hell-bent…
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