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Civil-Military Relations in a Context of Rising Sectarian Crisis, By Jibrin Ibrahim

The Nigerian Defence and Intelligence establishment has recently declared the IMN a security threat to the country. I believe that we need to be careful not to push this group towards an insurgency. Already, the group has a strong sense of victimhood after the army killed hundreds of their members.…
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OUT OF THE BOX: Boko Halal: Education Is Not Western But Universal, By Majeed Dahiru

Clearly, the brand of Islam practiced in northern Nigeria that holds back universal education because it is perceived as Western has no parallel in Islamic history. Boko Haram is not only un-Islamic but also a Muslim belief peculiar to Northern Nigeria. By embracing education, Northern Nigerian Muslims are not accepting…
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Guest Columns

Presidential Infirmity: the Futility of Cameo, By Louis Odion

...how a glass-fragile fakir, earlier wildly speculated by busybodies to be vegetating at the point of incapacitation - if not death, suddenly summoned the extraordinary athleticism to pull off such a feat in physiological vitality is still a mystery, even at this writing. It was stuff only expected in the…
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