Rural Banditry: From the Crisis of Nomadism to State Crisis, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Rural banditry in West Africa has exploded on the basis a long-term crisis located in climate change. As the climate becomes drier, there is an increase in the southward migration of pastoralists from the Sahelian belt in search of water and pastures for their livestock, creating pressures on the available…
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Biafran Self-Determination and Radio Biafra: Legal Issues Arising (1), By Nonso Robert Attoh

Currently, this initiative has produced Igbo youths who freely refer to Nigeria as a Zoo, fellow Nigerians as animals and baboons and the president of the Federal Republic as a “pedophile president and terrorist”. The youths also have been emboldened to threaten fellow Nigerians and to freely discuss war, terror…
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