The author decides to publish reactions from his readers.

As we pray to Almighty Allah to bring peace and security to our nation, #BringBackourGirls safely, and protect our country from both internal and external haram; here is a selection of your views regarding some of the contributions carried on this page… Happy reading:

On revisiting our values:

“I appreciate your write up in promoting our mother tongue, it is a pity that the younger generation will be faced with identity crises as you mentioned, because “westernization” or “civilization” to us means abandoning our culture including language. Civilization has also increased the number of marriages outside ones tribe thereby making English Language the home language rather than official language.

Majority of us were not taught [our native languages], we just grew up understanding our mother tongue because it was the means of communication at home. Secondly, times have changed, due to insecurity, from armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism, parents can no longer take their children to the village during holidays where they will have better interaction in their mother tongue, even when they do, movement is restricted. One good step to save our children from the impending identity crises is to deliberately give them our native and local names and use every opportunity to teach and speak our language to them,” Eziwhuo Obisike. Lagos, Nigeria.

On Tsaraba from an adventurous journalist:

“I read your piece on Goree Island with deep imagination of what our forefathers must have gone through. My body shivers and my heart skips in anticipation of your historical discoveries at the island. Can’t wait to read the continuation. Regards to the family,” Khadija Ibrahim, Bayero University, Kano.

“I hope you are doing fine. I have been following your columns, reading them and finding them highly interesting. However, this time around, I find your column (Tsaraba…) much better than interesting, but very educative. I am a student of History, with a B.A Degree from University of Maiduguri. In the course my (undergraduate) studies I once came across “Goree Island”, but never had a clear information on it, until now that I read your column with some pictures. I wish I would have an opportunity to visit there myself and experience what you saw. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this wonderful Tsaraba. Thanks and Regards,” Sulaiman Usman Duguri, Bauchi State.

On MINT: reality or digression:

“I think O’Nell’s projection is not based on political engineering but economics and economic potentials, so somehow Nigeria is listed in the MINT despite high level of corruption and poor governance. What is most important is visibility and breadth of the Nigeria as a huge market in Africa,” Aliyu Barau, Malaysia.

On Seven Lessons of leadership:

“This is very true, about the first quality of a leader. Just as Socrates said, man know thy self. That is the first thing any person should do in life to know his/her capabilities and limitations. I know of somebody that read computer science, but never thought in his life to work in an IT firm, reason being that he knows he will malfunction. So there is nothing wrong with anybody, who will resign his appointment or an elected position if he sees his self as not delivering. But what do we find in Nigeria today, people that can’t even control their immediate family of 6 members giving directions to Ministries, governing states what a pity. Passion is important, imagine what the man from Akwa Ibom is doing, a nice work but is pathetic that must leaders and the leadership style is all about selfish gains,” Danbaba Enoch Modi.