I was watching Dr Phil’s show recently. The episode was about a rape incident in a small town in the United States, involving some teenagers. Dr Phil who was particularly disturbed by the incident focused on the community and the parents in particular, who have failed to raise their children with the right moral values, resulting to disturbing behaviour such as teenage rape. I watched how Dr Phil tried to communicate to the parents the need to inculcate the right values into their children. I asked myself, who defines the moral standards? What exactly is morally good or bad in the world today?

A lot of people have asked this question and are still asking, why does a good God allow evil in the world? First I would say that this is a complete display of ignorance of the word of God and of who He is. God made man a free moral agent. Man has the right to choose and to decide his fate. As a just God, He helped man clarify the paths, told us of the implications of each path, and also admonished us to choose the right (Deuteronomy 30:15-19). Yet we ask, why does He allow evil? The world is falling apart today as a result of man’s increasing disregard for God and His word.

I know as Dr Phil was trying to emphasise the need for strong moral principles and values in our society, a lot of people watching across the world would agree with him. And a handful of these folks would fall into the category of those who are too intelligent to believe God exists, and others too smart to submit to His lordship. If we all agree that we need strong moral principles and values in the world, then who should define them? Since we cannot reach a consensus that God exists, and that His word contains principles and values that define human life and conducts in the earth, where do we turn to? While some people live in denial of His existence, others live in total disregard for His word, which is a major source of the modern law contained in various Constitutions across the world.

The foundation of the most powerful country in the world today was built on the word of God, from which they have deviated. The American society is a test case of how things can turn when man rejects the ways of the Creator, and begins to define for himself what he thinks is right. The very moral fabric that kept the society together for many years is fast fading out, and the entire society is falling apart as a result. Unfortunately, the influence the United States has over the world has also extended its moral decadence to different parts. This is evident in Africa, and in Nigeria in particular.

This same society that has grown weary of God’s principles, and redefines what life should be for itself, now worries that students would arm themselves with guns and shoot others at will. The same society now worries that teenage boys would rape a teenage girl and joke about it on the social media, same tool used to spread their moral decadence across the world. This is not blaming the United States for the evils of the world, but only using them as an example of what can happen to a society that becomes morally bankrupt, and disregard the values and principles of the Creator.

The attitude and posture being projected among young people across the world today is; IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT; YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (YOLO), so do whatever you feel like doing, with total disregard for repercussions here or after. Just as Social Anthropologists popularized the concept of cultural relativism, some people have started promoting moral relativism, which holds that what is morally right to ‘A’ could be morally wrong to ‘B’. The world is gradually moving towards anarchy, engineered by man, and we ask why does God permit evil?

While the world has its own issues and cannot be delivered from the path it has chosen (Revelation 14:8, 18:2), I am more concerned about the Church, which is the completion of God’s plans for humanity. Because of our failure to continue to journey with God, to a place of perfection and accuracy, more people in the world have reasons to further ignore the Way. While this will not serve as valid excuse for them on the last day, popular Christianity cannot absorb itself of that responsibility. Popular Christianity has come to a place of comfort, where all our preoccupation and emphasis is how to prove to the world that we can beat them at their game of pursuit of fame and fortune. We are no longer looking at upholding the standard of the Kingdom anymore. Most of us have gone our own way pursuing what profits our pockets and guarantee popularity and crowd.

If all you preach as a leader, or all you hear as a follower is prosperity, miracles, breakthroughs and the likes, be informed that God has moved His remnants beyond that level. While people would continue to experience these manifestations, until the close of this age, they are no longer the emphasis as far as this season is concerned. They are also not the proof of His presence or approval (Matthew 7:22). The world is becoming more worldly, God expects us to become more Godly by raising the bar of righteousness and perfection of lifestyle, and not to be in competition with the world in any form. It’s a season of REFORMATION of the Church and movement to the finish. Don’t be left out.

Mr. Adetiba, a graduate student at the University of Stellenbosch, in South Africa, is a staff of Premium Times. Please give him feedback via fredor4c@gmail.com and on twitter: @fredor4c