Africans crossing the Mediterranean
Europe is in panic. No, not because of tumbling stocks over what they see as China ‘slowing down’. This itself is intriguing; fanatical prophets and apostles of market forces, begging the Chinese Government to intervene in the Stock Market. The panic is about the tidal waves of migrants from war torn countries, surviving the seas, especially the Mediterranean, to make landfall on European coasts.

The mighty armies of Europe and their American allies seem helpless in fighting this ‘invasion’, which in reality is an artificial Tsunami by the West. When Europe was setting fires in other countries, causing panic, incredible human suffering, destruction of childhood and family, devastating towns and cities, and triggering famine and massacres, it might not have realised that the millions uprooted would head for its shores. All these for parochial reasons of getting rid of governments considered anti-West, and laying hands on their wealth.

Over 270,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean sea into Europe in the first seven months of this year with 104,000 landing in Italy, and financially bankrupt Greece receiving 164,000. Over 2,000 refugees perished trying to make this perilous journey to unknown lands to seek refuge amongst people, whose languages they do not speak, whose religion, they may not share and whose culture is alien.

Many are Syrians whose civil war has displaced over seven million, with over three million as refugees in neigbouring countries. About 1.15 million of them are taking shelter in Lebanon, a million in Turkey and over 600,000 in small Jordan. With the civil war still raging, it means more asylum seekers from Syria will pour into Europe.

Syria under President Bashar al-Assad might not have been a model country, but at least, it fed its people, children went to school with some assured future, and there was security of life and property, including for the minority Christians. So what, or who triggered the conflict? Ostensibly, following the ‘Arab spring’ there was a protest in the city of Homs in March 2011. Then rapidly unofficial armies emerged declaring a jihad against the government. The most notorious today is the Islamic State (ISIS) which has since declared a caliphate over parts of Syria and Iraq. The former Director of the American Defence Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen Michael Flynn revealed that ISIS was created by the United States to unite the majority Sunni Muslims against al-Bashar. He also disclosed that another terrorist group that triggered the Syrian war, the Jabha al-Nusra was funded and trained by America. The main training of ISIS was in Jordan in 2012.

More desperate refugees are headed for Europe, the Yemenis may soon join them. The pity is not for those who lit those fires; it is for the victims, and the rest of the world which may not know peace for generations.

Also, events in British courts have exposed that country and Europe as helping to establish, train and fund terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Nusra. Bherlin Gildo, Swedish and a well known face in al-Nusra propaganda tapes who fought in Syria and took photographs with Syrian corpses, and child soldiers, was passing through Heathrow Airport, London in October 2014. He was arrested and charged with terrorism. But Gildo’s lawyers asked the British intelligence to disclose how it directly and indirectly armed the same terrorist groups their client was accused of supporting. The prosecution’s expert, Dr. Wilkinson also admitted that the Syrian terrorist groups were trained, armed and funded by the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. An embarrassed British Government quickly withdrew the case and freed Gildo.

A second case concerned terror suspect, Moazzem Begg who had been detained for three years by the Americans in the Bagram Prison, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. From October 2014, the British detained him for seven months before dragging him to court on seven charges of terrorism which carries fifteen years imprisonment. But an exasperated Begg disclosed that he had briefed the British intelligence, M16 before his trips to Syria, and had been debriefed when he returned. Which meant that he might actually be a British spy. An embarrassed British Government set him free.

This week, over 4,000 refugees braved the seas to land in Italy. They were mainly Libyans fleeing a once united and prosperous country that was bombed into the Stone Age by NATO. Nobody knows how many governments exist in Libya today. I know at least five: those in Tobruk and Tripoli, the two main rivals in Benghazi, and the ISIS who have made Sirte their capital in Libya. No matter what is said about Muammar Ghadaffi’s shortcomings, which can be legion, there are certain indisputable facts. Libya under him was a united and prosperous country that had perhaps the best welfare system in the world. Education, healthcare, shelter and electricity were free and a right. Petrol (PMS) was virtually free and the women got generous child support. Ghadaffi was a patriot and Pan Africanist, not a sellout or religious fanatic living on a diet of lunacy as the present crop leading pieces of the country.

He defended the Palestinian cause, but was not a terrorist. Clearly the terrorists are those who executed him on behalf of their Western bosses, and the West itself which is crying over the Libyan refugees. Libya was the destination for many from the underdeveloped world, seeking better and qualitative lives. Today, Libyans risk the seas to be refugees in other lands. After Ghadaffi, Libyan arms were passed on to ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the Al-Qeda in Mali, and Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Sadam Hussein was the darling of the West. He engaged in a costly eight-year war against Iran on its behalf. He was tough, but was not a terrorist. The West turned against him. Under the false claim, principally by Britain and United States that he had weapons of mass destruction, Europe and America invaded Iraq, reduced it to rubble, stole a lot of its oil, and handed the country to gangsters and separatists including the ISIS. So why would Europe weep that Iraqi refugees are on the move to its shores?

More desperate refugees are headed for Europe, the Yemenis may soon join them. The pity is not for those who lit those fires; it is for the victims, and the rest of the world which may not know peace for generations.