One day, we shall be no more and breathless. May be, we shall go through the cold storage machine, before our bodies go under the earth to be feasted upon by ants and worms.

I guess the ants and worms merely do their work in line with their position in the food chain pecking order. Their work is to return the bodies we have so much loved and tended into dust. For dust we are and unto dust we shall return.

Then our bodies shall serve as nutrients to other beings, including the trees and grasses. Our bodies may even in the many years to come become part of the fossil fuel to be extracted. We suck out a lot of past bodies today in the Niger Delta. That’s what it means to be an oil producing State.

Our loved ones and friends will cry; our foes may rejoice. We will be no more with them in our earthly garments. Do you think we would be able to witness these emotions? Would we be lifeless or alive in other forms? Would we be able to comfort and scourge? These will remain known unknowns.

This end makes a mockery of our current quests and desires; doesn’t it? Of what purpose are they? What is the purpose of life on earth? Is it to be rich, comfortable and have fun? Is the comfort of life on earth not temporal and short-lived? Why should we pre-occupy ourselves with that which doesn’t last?

Is the purpose of life on earth to make heaven? But what if there is no eternity to look forward to?

Life on earth is a mystery and can also be a misery. However, death appears more mysterious and miserable. These gory characteristics make some people shudder and wonder why we ever exist. If we had a choice, would you have accepted to be born?

Yet, the God who created you without your help cannot save you without your help. Yes, salvation will not be yours unless you reach out for it. So many holy writs say this. We are subtly encouraged to accept that by faith, but is it a fair proposition? Is God fair? He that created us without our help!

It seems the reality of death makes life on earth meaningfully meaningless. Many religions and schools of thought pontificate and claim to have answers to these questions of death and life. Sometimes their answers are contradictory, leaving one more confused about the truth of death and life.

In that regard, the truth becomes a victim of “my God is bigger than yours” syndrome – a quintessential characteristic of grandiose God consumption common in today’s societies. But what is the truth of death?

Unfortunately, the truth of death can only be revealed at death, if we don’t dissolve into nothingness.

Then, we shall die no more, if we ever live again at all afterwards.

The Christian world (especially Catholicism) marks today, November 2nd as the All Souls Day (a day to remember and pray for the dead).

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