Investing for Retirement

While you create your plan, remember nothing is guaranteed in life. Plans may fail but God’s counsel will stand. Prayerfully plan and trust God to bring your desires to pass.

The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city. – Ecclesiastes 10:15

The older man lamented about his failed retirement business. He had worked all his life as an accountant in a bank, took his earnings and sunk these into an agricultural business. Unfortunately, he was stuck! The profits were enticing, the resources he could afford, but he lacked something. Do you know what that is? Life happens, friend. Jesus advised us to count the cost before we invest.

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? – Luke 14:28.

As you get into your comfy chair later in life to enjoy the fruits of years of labour, the goal is to have a steady flow of cash while you take some rest, enjoy more free time, less work, few dependents and less hassles. Not often talked about is how to set up a proper plan for investing in a fitting retirement business. We have seen several people rush into retirement businesses, only to lose their investments.

If your plan crashes, people who advised you didn’t get it all wrong, but you as the investor has more blame for this. Your friends, family and acquaintances were seeking to make you happy, since you also have the big bucks. In investing, don’t listen to people who only fuel your ego. What you need are true and working human and intangible resources.

Speaking as a friend along with you on this journey, create a “fool proof plan” now! Don’t wait until the big cash starts to roll in. Here are some tips to get you started.

Never trust people’s ideas for your money. Except they are succeeding and are equally experts in the fields they are advising on, lend them only your ears but don’t give them your heart. Their ideas may be good and profitable but not right for you. It is better to take these sorts of ideas with a pinch of salt. Study, analyse and see if they suits your personality.

Ask yourself these questions.

→ What are the risks and can I bear them?
→ Who are my target market and are they accessible?
→ Can I really do this kind of business? Do I have the tenacity and patience it requires? Can I give it my best?
→ Am I passionate about it?

As you ponder on the above, you will discover ideas that would work for you.

Gain the skills. One of the oldest tricks in the book is learning from the masters by apprenticing. Don’t think your big bucks can get you everything. Well, maybe to a large extent but it never replaces your technical know-how in business. I strongly suggest you go the old-fashioned way of spending some good time learning the tricks of your intended trade.

Think and take your time. No one should rush you into investing for the future. It is your sweat and money: take your time, think things through and more importantly pray about them. Start when you are convinced enough.

Your location matters. Consider what will work in your intended location. Many times we focus on what worked for others, we love their business and their profits but rarely consider if that sort of business would work where we are.

Avoid Being a Total Copycat. Good you have started something, but do you have a long-term plan for it or are you just following along? Create for yourself a simple plan with six months, two, five or 10 years in view and if Jesus tarries, continue to work towards it.

Download a simple template here. *no strings attached*

Consider hiring a business coach. Rather than open up to all kinds of street ideas, hire professionals to do the thinking for you. Financial planners look forward to growing your business, raking in profits and minimising risks, which in itself is a good thing. There are many out there these days.

Value those ahead of you. if there is someone’s investment you admire, be humble enough to study their business, their failures and how they got where they are now.

Watch, learn, and test drive.

While you create your plan, remember nothing is guaranteed in life. Plans may fail but God’s counsel will stand. Prayerfully plan and trust God to bring your desires to pass.

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By His Great Grace,
Ifeoma Samuel

Ifeoma Samuel is an author, blogger and speaker at women’s conferences. She uses her writings to share everyday life stories about God’s immense love, and is the author of My 30 Days Journey To a Fulfilled Life. Visit her blog Purposeful And Meaningful and you can follow her on Pinterest|Google+|Facebook