Where are the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), human rights organisations and other Zionist Masonic organisations that claim to advocate justice and brag about promoting equality?! Are those people who are appalled when a cat is tortured not moved when a human being is burnt alive!

Monday, Muharram 4, 1439 AH (September 25, 2017)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

● Geography

Burma is one of the Indochina countries located in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. It is bordered to the North by China, from the South by the Bay of Bengal, to the East by China and Thailand, and from the West by the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh.

● Demographics

The majority of Muslims in Burma live in the Southwest Rakhine State (formerly known as the Arakan province) which is separated from the rest of Burma by a mountain border. This is the Arakan Yoma mountain range which stretches from the Himalayas. The Arakan province where most of the Muslims live is twenty thousand square miles. Burma has a population which exceeds 55 million, more than 20 percent of whom are Muslims. The remaining population is from the Buddhists Magh people and other religions as well. The number of Muslims in Burma is more than ten million, of which five-and-a-half million live in the Arakan province, thus representing more than 70 percent of the province’s population. The Muslims are among the poorest communities in Burma, and the least educated, and their knowledge of Islam is modest and limited.

● The History of Islam in Burma

Islam entered Arakan during the Abbasid caliph of Harun Rashid in the seventh century, according to the Gregorian calendar, by way of Arab explorers. Islam continued to spread there until it became an independent state ruled by 48 Muslim kings in succession for more than three-and-a-half centuries between the years 834 to 1198, based upon the Islamic calendar, which coincides with the years 1430 to 1784, according to the Gregorian calendar. Islam spread throughout the whole of Burma leaving behind great influences of Islam such as ancient Masjids, Islamic schools, and hospices.

● The Conquest of Arakan

The Buddhist conquered Arakan in 1784 and it was annexed by the Buddhist king Budabaia and joined with the rest of Burma. Fearing the spread of Islam in the region, he began destroying the Muslim’s property, he abused them, filled the prisons with the Muslims, and killed their Islamic scholars and all those who called to Islam. The Buddhists continued to persecute the Muslims and steal their property for the duration of their occupation in the Muslim land. This lasted for 40 years. It ended when the British colonised Burma in 1824. Britain annexed Burma and placed it under the British colonial government of India.

● British Occupation

In 1937, Britain united Burma and Arakan – a predominantly Muslim land – and made it a colony of its own, independent of the colonial government of India. During that time it became known as the British Government of Burma.

● The Massacre of 1942

In the year 1942, the Muslims were brutally massacred at the hands of the Buddhists Magh people after the Muslims were disarmed, while the Magh people were supplied with weapons by the Burmese Buddhists, British colonists and others. More than 100,000 Muslims were murdered in this massacre; most of the casualties were women, elderly and children. This vicious brutal attack caused hundreds of thousands of Muslims to evacuate their homeland.

● The Panglong Conference of 1947

In 1947, before the independence of Burma, a conference was held in the city of Panglong to prepare for independence. All ethnic groups were invited, except the Muslims. This was in order to keep them far away from the course of events to take place and so their fate could be decided by others. Britain granted Burma independence in 1947 under the condition that all ethnic groups would have the right to independence after ten years if they desired. This was called “The right to self-determination.” But the Burmese broke their covenant and continued to occupy Arakan against the will of its inhabitants.

● 1962 Burmese Coup d’etat

The Buddhists Magh people committed horrendous atrocities against the Muslims. This cruelty, oppression, banishment and ethnic cleansing continued until the Fascist coup of 1962; and then matters got worse. After the military coup d’etat – supported by the Chinese Russian communists – the Muslim were subjected to many types of oppression such as murder, exile, economic sanctions and land confiscation. They even lost their citizenship for allegedly resembling the Bengali people, with regards to religion, language and appearance.

● The Genocide of 2012

New tragedies began for the Muslims in Burma on Friday, in the seventh month of the Islamic calendar in the year 1433, which coincides with June of 2012 according to the Gregorian calendar. One that day, ten Muslim callers to Islam were murdered in an unimaginable brutally. About 466 Magh Buddhists gathered these ten men who were teaching the people Islam and tied their hands and feet. Then they commenced to beat them with sticks until nothing could be seen except blindfolds, shattered skulls, scattered brains, broken limbs, and their tongues which were pulled from their mouths. When the Muslims resisted, the Magh Buddhists responded by attacking the Muslim villages and homes with hatchets, swords and knives. They launched an organised genocide against the Muslims. They burnt their villages and homes. They massacred Muslim men and Muslim women. The number of victims were in thousands, while thousands were also displaced and many were left to die and drown. The Muslim wells were poisoned in a despicable plan of ethnic cleansing. The goal was to implement a total annihilation of the Muslim population. All of these occurred as the world watched and listened in an age where the entire world is like one town (a global village). They watched, witnessed and listened to the screams of the tortured. It was as though they were the people of the ditch (Ashabul Ukhdud in Surah al-Buruj), as they were burnt alive. The world saw and hears this but the situation of the West and the East was, as the saying goes: “Killing a dog in the jungle is an unforgivable sin while killing a secure village is a matter which needs to be investigated.”

● The Tragedy of the Rohingya Muslims In Burma

Where are the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), human rights organisations and other Zionist Masonic organisations that claim to advocate justice and brag about promoting equality?! Are those people who are appalled when a cat is tortured not moved when a human being is burnt alive! Yet they are hurt at the sight of injured dogs and they enact laws to protect animals. Is anyone in the world moved with pity at the sight of the pictures of Muslim children being murdered and cut into pieces with knives? Are they not moved by the pictures of those burnt alive? Those who didn’t die from the burns suffocated mercilessly. How are wild beasts of prey more important than them? Do people think what they are witnessing from entire villages being burnt to the ground, eyes poked out, bones broken, brains splattered, victims burnt alive, limbs severed and blood shed a Hollywood movie?! Or do they know it’s true but it’s not deserving of relief efforts or it’s not seen as injustice because they are Muslims? So because of their Islamic faith, they must be eradicated from the earth, they must be eliminated collectively, but if I harm animals, laws will be enacted. Why have the intelligent people of the world become hypocrites?

● A Pattern of Misbehaviour

This suspicious silence towards the ethnic cleansing and eradication of Muslims from the land is similar to what previously occurred to the Muslims in the Balkans. Just as the thieves of old who were expelled from their land and sent on ships to a new land and upon arrival they rushed to exterminate the America Indians. And they turned to the African coast and sent out gangs to abduct noble free men, women and children from Africa to be their slaves in the house of Satan. And America is the house of Satan. So, where are they now; as they witness what is taking place?

● Tawhid and Unity Brings About the Help of Allah

But if we continue to blame our enemies for what is happening to us or to some of us, this is not from wisdom. Why don’t we blame ourselves? Why don’t we blame the Ummah itself and move to improve the condition of the Ummah? And there will be no improvement without the rectification of its creed and belief system. Tawhid will unite them, and with Tawhid our Lord will help them and they will have might and strength in this world and status and loftiness in the hereafter.

● The Beliefs of the Buddhists

The belief of the Buddhists is built around atheism. Buddha – their object of worship – continued his downward spiral until he proclaimed there was no creator and no god. Buddhism is built around atheism, while they believe Buddha is the son of God. They deny the resurrection and they believe the reward is given by way of reincarnation. They believe when the physical body of a person dies his spirit returns to a new body based upon his previous actions. He could return as a mouse, a dog, a rat, a donkey, or whatever. They pray to Buddha and they are idol worshippers, disbelievers. These are the people holding the necks of the Muslims in Burma. These are the people practicing ethnic cleansing as the world watches and listens while no one responds or helps. And Allah is sufficient to respond and Allah is sufficient as a Helper.

But Alhamdulillah, Saudi Ambassador to Turkey Walid Al-Khereiji said that, “the Kingdom has been standing by the side of the Rohingya Muslims for 70 years at the international level, and by providing assistance and donations. The Kingdom has also made a donation of $50 million for the Muslim minority, through health rehabilitation and educational programs, and started receiving in 1948. Today, there are 300,000 Rohingya people in the Kingdom.” (ARAB NEWS)

● Recent Happenings

Today, tens of thousands of refugees are trapped on the border into Bangladesh without basic food and medicine, amid operations by the Myanmar military, which have already killed hundreds.

Satellite photos released by Human Rights Watch on Saturday showed what they are desperate to escape – entire villages torched to the ground in clashes between Myanmar’s armed forces and local militants.

More than 73,000 Rohingyas have now fled across the border since August 25, the United Nations said on Sunday.

But in northern Rakhine State there are reports of at least another 30, 000 Rohingyas trapped in hilly terrain without basic supplies of food, water or medicine, according to activists.

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, are considered some of the most persecuted people in the world. Myanmar, also known as Burma, considers them Bangladeshi and Bangladesh says they’re Burmese.

It is the second time in less than a year that a military crackdown has led to a mass exodus.

● Stranded

Unable to cross the Naf river into Bangladesh and fearful to return to what’s left of their homes, Rohingya activists say the refugees are stranded between Maungdaw and Rathedaung townships.

Videos provided to CNN by activists show dozens of men, women and children stranded on a mountain, surrounded by dense jungle, living in makeshift shelters made of sticks and sheets.

“The human lives that are most vulnerable must be rescued immediately without delay,” executive director of Burma Human Rights Network, Kyaw Win, said in a statement.

The trapped refugees are just some of at least 100,000 Rohingyas who have been forced to flee their homes since August 25, after armed forces began “clearance operations” across Rakhine State.

The government blames “terrorists” for starting the violence. Rohingya militants killed 12 security officers in border post attacks some weeks ago, according to state media, intensifying the latest crackdown.

A top military official said the government was “taking great care in solving the (Rakhine State) problem.”

Due to Myanmar’s policy of shutting off all access to Rakhine State for the media, CNN is not able to verify any figures independently or any stories told by refugees.

● Village Burnt Down

Human Rights Watch renewed its calls for the Myanmar government to allow independent observers into Rakhine State, after releasing troubling satellite photos from inside the region.

“This new satellite imagery shows the total destruction of a Muslim village, and prompts serious concerns that the level of destruction in northern Rakhine State may be far worse than originally thought,” Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phil Robertson said in a statement.

The images were taken on August 31 of Chein Khar Li village in northern Rakhine State. According to Human Rights Watch, they show about 700 buildings have been burnt down, making up about 99 percent of the village.

“This is only one of 17 sites that we’ve located where burnings have taken place,” Robertson said.

Reports of villages being burnt down, allegedly by Myanmar’s military, previously emerged in a United Nations report investigating the 2016 crackdown on Rohingyas.

Myanmar’s government has blamed the most recent violence and property destruction on “Rohingya extremists.”

● ‘Hacking Our People To Death’

The Rohingya have long been persecuted by the Myanmar government. Despite living in the country for generations, they’ve been denied citizenship and are regularly harassed.

A separate outbreak of violence in 2016 saw 85, 000 Rohingya fleeing across the border, bringing with them horrifying stories of rape, torture and murder inside Rakhine State.

Some refugees who poured across the border into Bangladesh told CNN what they had witnessed since the latest crackdown began some weeks ago.

“They are beating us, shooting at us and hacking our people to death,” Hamidah Begum, a refugee who has left everything behind, told CNN.

“Many people were killed. Many women were raped and killed. We are very poor.”

● Top General: Military ‘Solving the Problem’

On Saturday, a top Myanmar general issued an defiant statement on the violence in Rakhine State.

Posted to his Facebook page, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing said the only action being taken against “Bengalis” was “to ensure everything is within the framework of the law.”

“The Bengali problem was a long-standing one which has become an unfinished job despite the efforts of the previous governments to solve it,” he said.

“The government in office is taking great care in solving the problem.”

In his post, Gen. Hlaing didn’t address protests made by Bangladesh alleging Myanmar’s military had violated their airspace on multiple occasions in the past week.

In a note sent to Myanmar’s embassy in Dhaka on Friday, Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “strongly protested” the incursions and warned it could lead “to an unwarranted situation.”

“Bangladesh demanded Myanmar take immediate measures to prevent recurrence of such incursion in the future,” a statement posted to the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry’s website said.

● International Condemnation Grows

On Sunday night, Indonesia’s minister for Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi flew to Myanmar to request the government cease all violence against the Muslim Rohingya minority.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo announced the move in a statement, condemning the attacks and demanding real action to help the Rohingyas. Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country in the world.

Nobel laureate Malala has called out Myanmar’s state councilor and defacto leader Aung San Suu Kyi over the violence, saying in a statement she was still waiting for her fellow Nobel Winner to join her in condemning the treatment of Rohingyas.

“Every time I see the news, my heart breaks at the suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar,” she wrote.

Qatar foreign minister Al-Thani said his country “strongly condemn(ed) attacks on Rohingya Muslims during Eid,” calling on the country to follow international laws.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigerian governments etc. also strongly condemned the merciless attacks on Rohingya Muslims, calling on the international communities to intervene.

Wassalamu Alaikum

Compiled by your Brother:

Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, from Okene Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached through: +2348038289761.