Among his accomplishments is the prestigious Ibadan Business School (IBS), Ibadan, set up in 2011 and currently providing training and support for the human capital development requirements in the public service and in the micro, small and medium enterprise sectors of the Nigerian economy.

His is one personality who is not easily lost in the anonymity of the crowd. In the world of business management consulting, the academy, philanthropy, tradition, as well as religious and the social society, Asiwaju Olayinka Fasuyi has distinguished himself as not merely a national icon, but also an astute player, garnering accolades and recognitions for his accomplishments and contributions in the various spheres of life he has been touching lives in.

Fasuyi, a world class management consultant to several multilateral and bilateral organisations, including the World Bank, African Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), federal government ministries, departments and agencies, is the president/CEO of Management Support Services Group and founder of the prestigious Ibadan Business School (IBS), Ibadan, a strategic institution offering training and support for the human capital development needs of Nigeria’s public service and those in the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sectors of the national economy.

A socialite and philanthropist of note, Fasuyi holds a string of honours and titles, including the Asiwaju of Ilesa, Balogun of Ijebu-Jesa, while being a patron of the first Metropolitan club in Africa and the Ibadan Recreation Club, which was conferred on him at a most colourful ceremony late last year.

He, of course, is also the founder and chairman of Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Foundation (AYFF), an outfit geared towards assisting the underserved, as well as promoting and advancing the socio-economic interests of Ijesaland in his home state of Osun.

An evaluation of his profile and stock of sterling accomplishments easily puts Fasuyi in the class of great men who earned the status ‘Great’ among the three typologies postulated in the old, popular wise saying: “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them.”

However, associates with whom he grew up and went to the same school, particularly Ilesa Grammar School, probably never gave unassuming Yinka a wink as a colossus in the making, as beyond his brilliance and charming personality, he maintained a modest profile while in school.

But, the debonair man has, in the last three decades, steadily and tenaciously clawed his way through life to be in the forefront of his professional field and the social limelight. What did it for Yinka, as he is fondly called, apart from his brilliance, creativity and drive to pursue his vison, is also the legendary knack for the pursuit and impartation of knowledge.

But, perhaps, more is his talent in easily making friends with an uncanny charm and affability that have kept attracting more people into and widening his circle of influence. I knew him to have grown up with this infectious, friendly smile that has won him a galaxy of cerebral and committed friends over time.

Born in Ilesa, Osun State, on October 25, 1955, Yinka, a young and highly urbane gentleman with a high sartorial taste, obviously took after the entrepreneurial spirits of his late parents, Chief Jacob Olowookere Fasuyi and his mother, Sijuwola, who were both successful merchants during their lifetimes. This was obvious in his daring plunge into the world of business shortly after his education and stints in paid employment, both in the private and public sectors, at a time young graduates preferred the security of a salary income to the risk of business ventures.

Fasuyi had attended Otapete Methodist Primary School, Ilesa (1962 to 1968), from where he moved to Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa, for his secondary education (1969 to 1973), after which he took a short break to work at different times in the Federal Ministry of Finance headquarters, Mosaic Building, Lagos; National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) headquarters; and the Federal Ministry of Education.

He later enrolled at the University of Ibadan, where he bagged his first degree in Economics in 1982/83, following up years later with a Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR) in 1986; Information Science (M.Inf.Sc) in 1994; and Business Administration (MBA) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in 1989.

After his National Youth Service at Yelwa Government Secondary School, Yola, Yinka taught at Queens’ College, Onike, Yaba, Lagos between 1984 and 1985 and later joined Total Nigeria Plc in 1985 as a marketing executive, where he worked for seven years before voluntarily resigning (a feat that was unprecedented in the company) in 1992.

That same year, Fasuyi established the now famous Pan African management consulting firm named, Supreme Management Training and Consultancy Services Limited (SMTCS). SMTCS, with the support of its internationally constituted board of advisors, began to operate in several countries across the globe.

The company is what has grown and flourished, giving birth to the chain of subsidiaries and allied businesses Chief Fasuyi went on to establish following the huge successes it recorded.

Besides his multiple university degrees, Fasuyi has equally studied and bagged Executive Certificates in Management from University of Manchester Business School, Manchester, U.K.; Georgetown University Business School, Washington D.C. USA; Queens University Business School, Ontario, Canada; and International Society for Business Research (ISBR), Tokyo, Japan, among several other academic laurels and distinctions.

He is a fellow of many professional bodies, including the Nigerian Institute of Management (F.N.I.M); Institute of Management Consultants (F.I.M.C.); Institute of Information Management (F.I.I.M.); Institute of Training and Development (F.I.T.D.) and he is a life member of the Nigerian Economic Society.

Among his accomplishments is the prestigious Ibadan Business School (IBS), Ibadan, set up in 2011 and currently providing training and support for the human capital development requirements in the public service and in the micro, small and medium enterprise sectors of the Nigerian economy. The IBS, according to industry experts, is highly-rated and enjoys great credibility due to the world-class facilities and programmes it offers. It also has a partnership with the World Bank.

For Fasuyi, however, there is no strict boundary between business and the social life. In fact, he seems to thrive by the principle that both work and recreation are not mutually exclusive, but reinforce each other. Thus, this trainer’s trainer balances his drive at imparting knowledge and managing his outfits with an active social life, which involves engaging in sports, community development projects, tourism and clubbing. Yinka enjoys exploring and experiencing the world for both learning and vacation. In the process, he has visited virtually all major cities across over 60 countries.

Fasuyi is also a former president, Ibadan Recreation Club, aside his membership of several organisations such as Ijesa Forum; Ijesa Felates Club; Ijesa Sports Club; Roots Club of Ijesaland; Ibadan Golf Club; and Ibadan Polo Club, among others.

As a mark of his distinguished services and contributions to Ibadan Recreation Club (founded in 1902), he was recently inaugurated the patron of the foremost cosmopolitan club in Africa. This came on the heels of his similar appointment as patron of the frontline club in Ijesaland, Ijesa Sports Club. A home boy to the core, Fasuyi was installed the Asiwaju of Ilesa on October 22, 2016 and was further honoured with the chieftaincy of Balogun of Ijebu-Jesa on February 6, 2019 for his numerous contributions to promoting unity, peace, and development in Ijesaland, his native place of birth.

His foundation, AYFF, which he uses as vehicle for many philanthropic feats has sponsored the education of no fewer than 650 students in all the six local governments of Ijesaland, till date.

Married to delectable Yeye Asiwaju (Dr.) Bisi Fasuyi, with whom he runs his globally renowned management consulting organisation, the Ilesa-born iconic consultant is blessed with four wonderful children, who are themselves making their marks in respective fields of endeavour.

Given his antecedents, the recent waves of recognitions can only serve as fresh impetus for the seasoned businessman and knowledge merchant to double his strides to conquer higher heights!

Folu Olamiti writes from Abuja.