I am certainly not happy in the least, with the management of this crisis by the World Health Organization and other ‘technocrats’ working with them so far. I have heard often that the best strategy is to put fear into the hearts of people in order to get them to do the right thing but I think it is grossly irresponsible to use fear to manage any medical condition. Fear blinds people and makes them take all the wrong decisions. If people are overdosing on all sorts today, out of the fear of contracting Coronavirus, it is because the communication coming from those at the top of this crisis has been driven by fear. Then fear and greed are often Siamese twins. When people lose their fortune in gambling, or in the stock markets around the world, they are often driven by fear, and greed. I want to suspect that the technocrats at the top of this Coronavirus game, are driven by greed. Not for money, but for relevance. Technocrats are very intelligent people; geeks. Many of them have this prima donna attitude which makes them want to be right at all times. Or perhaps there is a more sinister game on ground. I believe we should keep our eyes open, especially if they say the world is about to end.

The other aspect of my dissatisfaction with the Covid-19 crisis thus far, has to do with the use of misinformation and disinformation. I see there is a growing and agile industry around the curbing of fake news, and in the case of this current crisis that industry has been active in blocking what they believe is misleading news, but fear itself is fake news. If a communicator should have given the public a level, balanced perspective about an issue but instead chooses to add sensationalism to it, or misleads people by trying to scare them, then that communicator has himself created fake news. To make matters worse, we have seen how the public has been thoroughly confused over Covid-19. Sometimes we hear it does not do well in hot weather, but at other times we hear that the weather does not matter. We have heard it is airborne and at other times that it is not. We have heard that there is no need helping ourselves at all, but that this is a killer disease, meaning that we cannot even try to save our own lives when faced with death. This is totally illogical, and got many people distrusting information coming from so-called ‘experts’. We heard that you cannot escape the disease even if you boost your immunity, only for the WHO Director General to tell us to eat healthy diets in order to boost our immunities. We have heard that nothing works against Covid-19, that it was the most-mysterious disease ever seen on earth. We even saw how the global press took Donald Trump to pieces for suggesting that Hydrochloroquine was indicated to better manage the disease. Yet, it is now becoming a mainstream treatment for the disease. The frenzy that was built in order to create major relevance for the disease, to be honest, has now backfired.

Why did we never focus on hope from the beginning? Why the blackout on the fact that most people recovered from the disease and that most carriers had very mild symptoms? Why the frenzy that this disease will kill half the world? In Nigeria alone there is the prediction that it will wipe out 45million people. Well, the disease may be terrible, but I would want to think that 45million Nigerians will do everything under the sun – boost their immunities, use local remedies, apply hydrochloroquine and azithromycin and what else – just to stay alive. I have strong hope that Nigerians will fight back using everything they have, so as not to be culled like flu-infested chicken for mass burial.

Luckily, Nigeria has only found about 159 cases of the diseases. By the time you read this it could be 200. Luckily, our health systems are moribund or non-existent, meaning that the people know that years of corruption has deprived them from anything to rely on. This also means that we are unable to test as many people as possible and only the elites are getting tested. Nigeria’s list of Covid-19 carriers is an infamous wet-list of political celebrities.

Enter Mr. Bill Gates

And so, I have gradually continued to put -information together on this Covid-19 matter. The exercise involves trying to boil down correct and useful information from the cacophony of fear and deception in our environment today. I had a feeling that the herd mentality being created was designed to achieve a different purpose apart from healing the sick. The pecking order of life has been tightly carved out and Africa is where you find the lowest of the low. We haven’t done well ourselves and it seems the world is sick and tired of us. My summary is that Mr Bill Gates, whom I regarded as a friend of humanity and the Continent is sick and tired of us. I am not saying that he concocted this disease. Far from it. But him and a few top people around the world are perfectly aware of what it going on. And they believe that Africa will take the worst hit. The issue is should we sit and wait for this disease to decimate us? Are we totally without worth as to be killed like ants?

The Story

Let me start with Bill Gate’s 2015 TED Talk where he predicted what is happening today uncannily down to the details. He predicted that the world is not prepared for a pandemic, and tried to draw attention to the need for a ramping up of health systems – especially in countries like Nigeria. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Af6b_wyiwI. Gates wanted several layers of preparedness against health pandemics as well as an integration of such capacities with standing military forces. He advocated for the performance of Germ Games, like War Games. The depiction of the pandemic he had in mind was a coronavirus (especially with the spikes around the pathogen). He also remarked that the next pandemic may be a bioterrorism virus. Fast-forward to September 2019 and there were rife reports about a strange respiratory disease in the United States of America, which killed youngsters who smoked something called ‘Vape’ as well as e-cigarettes. I recall taking a note of that event at that time. See https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02920-x . In mid-October 2019, the World Military Games took place at Wuhan, China (with military athletes lodged 40 metres from the wet – exotic animals – market that we all now blame as the origin of the disease). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Military_World_Games . The USA made a very woeful showing for whatever reason, pulling only 3 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. In that same October, I traveled to Orlando, Florida for my first Residency at Walden University and came down with one of the most-terrible flus I had ever had. For weeks I had to avoid airconditioning and was only able to properly treat that flu when I returned home. I recall that the flu left a pain under my lowest right rib that I had to get checked out with my Doctor. I rarely, ever so rarely, go to the hospital. The same flu will return when I visited Dubai in early December, 2019, lending some credence to some theories that say that some of these top cities are already rigged with 5G technology gadgets which are meant to work with Artificial Intelligence and enable the Internet of Things, but to which the human body reacts. It is also noteworthy, that Wuhan is one of the top cities for 5G and technology in China.

In the same mid-October 2019, there was a simulation of a pandemic foisted by Coronavirus. Yes, you heard right. The disease simulated (in the Germ Game kind of scenario that Gates had advocated), was simply called a New Coronavirus. This simulation was sponsored by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and chaired by scholars from Johns Hopkins University. It also involved Bill Gates Foundation, Centre for Disease Control, World Health Organization, United Nations, intelligence agencies as well as top companies like Lufthansa, Marriot, UPS, NBC Universal, Edelman, Johnson & Johnson, ANZ Bank Group and the likes. See http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/videos.html. The aim of the simulation was to see what will happen if the world had a Coronavirus pandemic. In their analysis, 65million died around the world. The deliberations – most of which I have seen – were very interesting. The program was named Event 201, because according to the Centre for Health Security, there were 200 epidemics in the world every year, with a possibility that an extra one will be a pandemic. The pandemic came rather too soon and on cue. The predictions were also dire; breakdown in social cohesion, breakdown of trust in governments, collapse of global economies, extended consequences for more than a decade, and so on. The fusion of government with big business was clearly promoted at the event where absolutely no African nation or company was invited.

The Bill Gates Interview

The last piece of primary evidence I will want to share is an interview granted by Bill Gates to Chris Anderson of TED and published on Youtube on the 25th of March, 2020. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe8fIjxicoo . A subtle-looking Gates fielded questions from his own lockdown somewhere in the USA. A quick aside. I saw, reading Gates’ body language, someone who may have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, especially someone who hates disease and filth. From being the creator of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, Gates has shown much obsession with trying to eradicate diseases in the world and spent much time in the global headquarters of diseases, filth and malnutrition – Africa. In fact, Nigeria to be precise. As someone with global reach, he has now escalated his obsession with a disease-free world to a universal scale. Gates spoke as someone who runs the world. His reach is farther than the US President’s. His father, Bill Snr, was a director at the Planned Parenthood Federation, am international NGO which is concerned with limiting global population growth and criticized for performing abortions. The founder, Margaret Sanger, had links with eugenicists in her time. Those people believed that weak members of the population should be culled or prevented from procreating. The obsession for a world that works therefore runs in the family. The question that this raises is that they have tried to create a world that conforms with their views of propriety and order. I believe in having a sane world of reasonable people, where people have a few children they can care for, and where governments are responsible to their citizens. I will come to the issue of Nigeria shortly. But I am scared of Gates.

In the extensive interview, Gates spoke – amid smirks and chuckles – about the northern and southern hemisphere and how he was ignored when he warned 5 years ago. He believes that the people of the northern hemisphere will manage the disease better than those in the southern hemisphere. I could see a certain, well, frustration with Africa, where he believes the disease will hit next in the coming months (some theory about the weather shifting down south). He still expects that the disease will kill many millions in Africa, especially in countries like Nigeria where he has warned us of our neglect of children, malnutrition and general dirty ways of life. I recall that Mr. Gates had summoned the courage to confront the Buhari government of what we need to do. I think he is now exasperated with our usual inaction. It is all we have been telling our leaders. We don’t know just how ridiculous we appear to reasonable foreigners. I am sure Gates and his wife, Belinda, can hardly believe the opulence they see on display from a few of Nigeria’s elites in government, compared with the problem on ground that needs to be solved. They may not be able to digest our penchant for foreign luxury. They have also suffered from the occasional embezzlement of funds they set aside for interventions for the poor here (re-the Global Fund) and would wonder what sorts of people we are, who steal from our poor and vulnerable. He said, as it pertains to COVID-19, that Africa will have to wait for the Vaccine to come out in 18 months – since we cannot afford ventilators – as well as the magnanimity of the northern hemisphere nations.. He also mentioned the use of antiviral, as well as hydrochloroquine and azithromycin to treat the disease but was more focused on the vaccine for us here in Africa/

I felt he dismissed perhaps 800 million people, especially in Sub-Sahara Africa with a wave of hand. We know we are sitting ducks against many things but even sitting ducks should defend themselves. What do we do to avoid what has been pronounced as mass deaths on a level we could never contain?

We Need A War Room, Not More Sleep

We have been lucky so far that this disease has had very minimal effects here. We are not – yet – waking up to hear of whole families eaten up by this virus because that is what will happen if the virus develops capacity to consume 45 million Nigerians as predicted. For now, it seems we have conquered the virus before it started but there is every reason to be worried. Synthesising all the information I have, I believe shutting down the economy is a very wrong move. Sitting at home, weakens all of us, economically and physically. This is the time to be strong and valiant. We need warriors at the warfront. We need soldiers. George Orwell said “a people sleep peaceably at night, because of rough men standing guard, ready to do violence on their behalf”. Where are Nigeria’s rough men who can protect us from this elaborate attack? Are most of them not working against the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians?

We need a war room. President Buhari came out of hibernation the other day, asked us to go and sleep for two weeks and disappeared back into his cocoon! His ministers are in disarray as every one of them is queueing for Covid test or hiding in a corner of their room while praying that a negative result comes out. This is not the time to hide, or to rest. We need our best men and women – intellectually and physically – at the war front. And we need them to brainstorm in a war room, so that we can know how best to respond to this war offensive. We need our scientists to be in the laboratories working on possible solutions now, and what we can get locally, before the disease hits us in a few months. With our lifestyle and the poverty level here, containment is a futile exercise. Management should be our focus. Apparently, our people seem to be doing well for a number of reasons; age long immunity against such diseases, prevalence of self-medication, ease of access to drugs, availability of local remedies, a culture of quicker treatment of such illnesses, and a sheer, deliberate determination to live. However, we are not sure of what will happen in the next three months but we must be prepared. This is the time to start reinvesting in our primary health centres, sending out the drugs that can help manage COVID-19 and the resultant fever. This is the time – with the collapse of financial systems – to allow people make and keep as much as they can from within the system, not the time to seal up their business. For, as Gates admits, an economic war is being fought in the background, and nations like ours will be in for serious trouble. Already our Bonny Light Crude is selling for less than $20! We must prepare for the economic war, which may kill a lot more people than Coronavirus. I write this on Day 2 of our lockdown and people in our poor areas are already clashing with the overenthusiastic military and police.

I got very worried when I saw that US/UK citizens and their counterparts from elsewhere had started leave the country, for destination that were worse hit by the Coronavirus! Why would the USA take their people from here and dump them in the USA where people are dying 900 a day? We only have 159 patients here and a few more in the coming days. It may mean that there is something they know about what is coming that we don’t. I want to wager that it is not some natural occurrence of Covid 19 if it ends up killing millions of our people – it may be a biological weapon for real. I urge Nigerians to throw the kitchen sink at the disease. Ensure you don’t have pneumonia and flu as much as possible this year

My Recommendation

We must enact public policy knowing who we are in the first place. Yes. death is coming. But it will kill more in more ways if we are caught sleeping… and in hunger. This is the time to start mass refurbishment of primary health care centres, and stocking them with chloroquine and azithromycin BY DIRECT LABOUR so as to put some cash in the pockets of locals. This is not the time to run down the economy. I am studying the data and examining Bill Gates’ theory that the grim reaper is coming here in a few months. Already they are surprised many aren’t dying here and so shifted the timelines. Gates says southern hemisphere nations will take the hit and tens of millions will die by fall into winter which is between September 2020 into say February 2020. So this is the time to build if he is right.

Looking at the data of fatalities, one will see that indeed, most southern hemisphere nations are recording low fatalities. But so are India, Pakistan, Japan, Poland, Romania, Saudi, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Czech Rep, Russia, Mexico, Cuba and a few more who are in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps we will be lucky and record low fatalities in the end. Perhaps like India, self-medication and local remedies will help us. By locking down so early out of panic, we have died before our deaths and jeopardized our entire society, risking social breakdown everywhere. And we haven’t utilized the few months’ grace to tidy up our acts. This is not something that NCDC alone can handle. In our case it has to be handled right from the home, then primary health centres, then secondary and tertiary hospitals, then NCDC isolation centres. Now is time to work, not sleep. I recommend we go back to work, and as in Oyo State, compulsory masking for everyone and social distance as much as we can manage.

‘Tope Fasua, an economist, author, blogger, entrepreneur, and recent presidential candidate of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), can be reached through topsyfash@yahoo.com.