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Democracy and Governance

PDP Power and the Electricity We Don’t Have, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Nigeria as a country has never had as many promises in its lifetime as the PDP governments had promised, in vain, about improved electricity supply since 1999. I doubt that any country in the world has invested as much as we have on electricity as we have and yet we…
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Who is Afraid of Low Interest Rates? By Ifeanyi Uddin

In favour of “low” interest rates, there is basically only one argument. The interest rates regime (adjusted for associated risks, including, inflation) in any economy, indicate to potential investors how much they may earn on their investments. Ideally, in a properly functioning economy, few arbitrage opportunities should exist, and so…
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Guest Columns

The Hysteria of a Malfunctioning Robot, By Gimba Kakanda

Dear Mahmud, Before we get into this response to yours, I strongly advise that you start with the preliminaries. Go and read my earlier essay, "Scholars of Misinterpretation, Misquotation and Blackmail" (Blueprint, August 9, 2013). It will prove to be foundational since it was aimed at reactionaries like you, even…
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