Jonathan In Chibok and The Pleasures of Muted Responsibility, By Sunday Dare

Over 100 days have passed.  The whereabouts and welfare of the 290 girls abducted from Chibok remain a unknown to us. Government seems not to have the key to unlocking this awful mystery. Government’s handling of the matter has been a study in ineptitude and manifest disdain for the rural…
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Bámidélé Upfront

Boko Haram: Negotiation As An Option, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

Terrorism is achieving political agenda through violence. The politics of power is the reason behind the argument of not negotiating with terrorists. The protagonist point of view is that negotiating with terrorists rewards violence and discourages political change through peaceful means. They argue that negotiation weakens the negotiating government’s democratic…
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Aribisala on Tuesday

Help! We Are Losing the War Against Boko Haram, By Femi Aribisala

We need to admit the truth; Nigeria no longer has an army worth its salt.  The Nigerian army of today is a pathetic shadow of its glorious past.  This explains why it is proving grossly inadequate at checkmating a Boko Haram army of some 10,000 men.  As a matter of…
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Issues of the Day

Time To Retire The Africa Progress Panel, By Olufemi Taiwo

The latest, 2013, edition of the Africa Progress Report has just been released by the Africa Progress Panel whose membership includes Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former president, and is headed by Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. Intense media attention has focused on the report’s lament that…
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Guest Columns

It’s Nigeria, Not China, Slowly But Surely Colonising Us, By Larry Madowo

Nigerian music is so well liked in Kenya that a radio station that purports to play ‘urban African music’ has a playlist of mostly Nigerian music.  Name the biggest musicians in Africa right now. Now name some of African films’ biggest stars. Go ahead, I’ll wait. How many of them…
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Should Alarm Bells Be Ringing For The Economy? By Ifeanyi Uddin

One of the more risible aspects of the recent re-basing of domestic economic output numbers was the attempt by pro-Jonathan administration types to pass the higher GDP numbers, which emerged, from the exercise, off as the result of the incumbent administration’s “transformation” efforts. Politics may have played a part in…
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Article of Faith

Article of Faith: Seeing God-given visions, by Femi Aribisala

There is a fundamental difference between God-given dreams and God-given visions.  Dreams are revelations we receive from God while we sleep.  Visions, on the other hand, are revelations we receive while awake. Visions are communicated through a variety of ways.  Sometimes they come through divine or angelic appearances.  Or they…
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