Guest Columns

Leadership and “Conversation” In Dialogue: Securing Peace In the Unromantic Context, By ‘Funmi Olonisakin

This is the text of the first Inaugural Lecture by a female scholar of African descent, delivered at King’s College London. 1. Journeying Through the ‘Romantic’ and ‘Unromantic’ Contexts The labeling of the context that constitutes the focus of this inaugural lecture as unromantic has invoked much interest. The use…
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Africa: A Voice To Be Heard, Not A Problem To Be Solved, By Abiodun Alao

I believe the spirit of King’s College London is upon us because it has anointed us to preach a strong message to the world; to contribute to the healing of broken views about Africa; to preach deliverance to those held captive in erroneous beliefs about the continent; and in the…
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