Why France Kidnapped West Africa’s Eco Currency, By Jibrin Ibrahim

motive for the Eco move is to ensure that Nigeria is permanently kept out of the currency. As Professor Ibrahim Gambari has always said, France has always defined itself as the main power block in Africa and so has always seen Nigeria’s self-definition as an African power as a threat…
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Africa: Ignoring the Lion in the Room, By Chris Beatty

American presidential candidates are wrong. The greatest global terror threat isn’t ISIS, it’s instability in Africa. In the past few weeks, Islamist terrorist groups across Africa – from Al Shabaab in Somalia to Boko Haram in Nigeria – have staged half a dozen terrorist attacks on foreign nationals, including a…
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Guest Columns

Now Comes the Hard Part: Five Priorities in the Continuing Fight Against Boko Haram, By Jennifer Cooke

Boko Haram is indeed weakened, but the government and its international partners must urgently block its capacity and opportunity to regenerate. This will require a shift from a “search and destroy” military mindset to a more multifaceted approach that prioritises civilian protection and engagement, genuine collaboration with regional neighbours, and…
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