The Buhari North and the Folly of Sectionalism, By Majeed Dahiru

By the end of his first four year mandate as president, Muhammadu Buhari would not have succeeded in solving any of the North’s most fundamental problems of educational backwardness, economic underdevelopment, insecurity and a diseased population. This is so because no part of Nigeria can be developed under a sectional…
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Counter-Terrorism: A Call on Borno Elites, By Fatima Goni

The military and security agencies should conduct thorough investigations, arrest and prosecute all those involved. We should all support and encourage the military to take any lawful action against the so called prominent elders and politicians undermining the effort of the Federal Government to combat terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria.…
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Adeolu Ademoyo

President Buhari’s 100 Days: Ethical and National Questions, By Adeolu Ademoyo

This Buhari and APC choice - the denial of a programmatic vision that brought them to power, which is also a denial of the existence of the issue of the national question and the urgent need to address it, is a clear return to ex-president Jonathan’s sectional and irredentist government…
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