Aribisala on Tuesday

Who Speaks For the Yoruba In the Killing Fields of Nigeria Today? (2), By Femi Aribisala

Bola Tinubu, Yemi Osinbajo and other APC opportunists can no longer speak for the Yorubas in Nigeria. President Buhari cares for his people. But although he is president of Nigeria, his people are not the people of Nigeria. His people are the Fulanis in particular, and Northern Nigerians in general.…
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AMCON, Ben Murray-Bruce and a Healthy Dose of Common Sense, By Simbo Olorunfemi

This is not really about Silverbird or Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, but simply about common The gang-up on AMCON either as a result of ignorance or mischief occasioned by politics is completely misguided. One wishes that AMCON had moved swiftly, in the early years, as it is doing now to take…
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