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Article of Faith

“You Snakes! You Brood of Vipers!!”, By Femi Aribisala

Did Jesus forget to include in his beatitudes: “Blessed are the tithers for theirs is the kingdom of heaven?” Certainly not! The bus going from Lagos to Benin was waylaid by highway robbers. They got on the bus brandishing automatic weapons: “This is a stick up,” declared the leader of…
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Obazee and Accounting for God’s Money On Earth, By Jibrin Ibrahim

His rashness aside, Mr. Jim Obazee has raised issues of accountability that should not be disregarded in the review process that is to follow. He argued that: "In keeping other peoples’ money, you have to prepare accounts. That is why churches fought me so badly, took me to court as…
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Responsibility, Vision and the Fulfilment of Destiny, By Kunle Olabode

Several years ago, I heard Bishop David Oyedepo say: "The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery.” There is no gainsaying the wisdom in that statement or assertion because the knowledge of self is the pathway to the fullness of life. It’s a truism that there is an innate desire in…
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