Sule Lamido on President Buhari: the Death of Nigeria, By Pius Adesanmi

...a primitive Fulani ethnic supremacist is still openly canvassing Fulani blood purity as the most important qualification for the Nigerian presidency. If you are an adult Nigerian, you know that we are just lucky that Sule Lamido spoke openly. There are hundreds of thousands more in the closet where that…
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BRF Deserves a Brighter Rewarding Future?, By Halim Atobatele

The recent attacks against BRF by various groups have elicited both sympathy and scorn from Nigerians. Some have said that the attacks were baseless and only designed to disenfranchise him from consideration as a top aide of President Muhammadu Buhari. Others have insisted that the attacks had merit as BRF…
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Guest Columns

Ambode not Agbaje. Why I will Vote for Continuity in Lagos and not Change., By Oluwafemi Akinfolarin

It's less than a hundred hours to the governorship elections across Nigeria. Nigerians have already shown remarkable character in voting out an incumbent president for abysmal underperformance for the first time in the history of the country. The elections were a truly historical and remarkable feat that hopefully changes the…
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Adeolu Ademoyo

The Ides of March: Why Military Will Annul March Election, By Adeolu Ademoyo

On February 7, 2015 seven days to the scheduled February 14 elections, the Nigerian military aborted the voting through a letter from  Sambo Dasuki NSA to INEC that they could not guarantee security during the scheduled February 14 elections. Technically, Sambo Dasuki issued a threat and a blackmail on behalf…
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EDITORIAL: Bode George And Our Supreme Court In Reverse Gear

The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Chief Bode George v. Federal Republic of Nigeria, is undoubtedly the most significant setback to date for the fight against corruption in Nigeria. In this case, the Supreme Court, as Nigeria’s apex court, abdicates in the most cavalier manner…
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