Okey Ndibe

Nigeria’s True Heroes And Villains, By Okey Ndibe

The dreaded Ebola virus and Boko Haram represent different faces of two most dire crises currently plaguing Nigeria. The former is a natural contagion, the latter a human-made disaster. Patrick Sawyer, a now deceased Liberian American diplomat, has become a well-known—and widely despised name—in Nigeria. It was he who first…
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Guest Columns

Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh: She Died The Death Of Many, By Emmanuel Obasi

Adieu our great Doctor, a great woman, a true human, a true Nigerian. When the headline filtered in yesterday, my heart sank; grief enveloped me. I do not know her, never met her even remotely. But I did not need to; her deed and heroics speaks loud and this was…
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