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Beko Ransome-Kuti: Requiem for a Humanist, By Ebenezer Obadare

Today marks the Tenth Anniversary of Dr. Bekololari Ransome-Kuti’s unexpected passing on February 10, 2006. Born in August 1940, Beko was a young-ish 66 in 2006 when the grim reaper came calling. But by then, he already amassed a full life’s body of work. This was attested to by the…
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Gani Fawehinmi and The Role of Individuals in History, By Femi Falana

Since the Russian Revolutionary, George Plekhanov, wrote 117 years ago his famous essay entitled “The Role of the Individual in History”, historians on the Left and Right have been debating what impact could an individual make in changing the course of history. Although Plekhanov strategically disagreed with other leaders of…
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Birthday sympathies for Wole Soyinka, By Tolu Ogunlesi

“Listen to Fela’s songs from the late 1970s and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were composed in the 21st century.” “I’m getting a little bit bored with this Sisyphean struggle. I’m not exhausted; I can drop down dead tomorrow, that’s irrelevant, I want be around to witness the event. At the…
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