Why Nigeria Is Among the Greatest Countries In the World, By Yemi Osinbajo

When you look at the sheer size and the diversity of Nigeria, we have the potentials of becoming one of the truly great countries of the world and I think that with the hard-work that we are seeing and with the right leadership - leadership committed to the people, committed…
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Guest Columns

Sanusi: Herdsman, Iconoclast Or Pretender?, By Azu Ishiekwene

Like the herdsman anxious to save the flock from danger, Sanusi’s comment was a wake-up call. If, however, like Frederik Willem de Klerk, he becomes the battering ram that deals the fatal blow on his privileged class, he will always find a place in our weary hearts, a much better…
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Yari, Meningitis and God: Addressing Nigeria’s Unique Hypocrisy, By ‘Tope Fasua

Nigeria needs good governance now or never. We just aren’t reasonable or responsible the way we’ve been carrying on. We cannot use our commonwealth to make politicians comfortable and then tell the people to pray to God for salvation when mere hospitals and clinics, a better life where basic amenities…
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