PMB, Atiku and the Illusion of a Party, By Louis Odion

But beyond the brickbats between the Buhari people and the Atiku camp are the weightier issues. Hard-hitting as they may sound, let it be said that varied responses by Buhari's agents so far hardly address perhaps the core question inadvertently raised by the Atiku/Alhassan challenge: How much of a party…
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Timi Frank, Erisco Foods and Other Unsettling Stories, By Zainab Suleiman Okino

If things continue this way, the ruling APC is set on self-destruction which will become manifest in 2019. Perhaps, some day the story of how a party that supplanted PDP’s 16-year rule in an election that was akin to an uprising/revolution could only survive for four years. The ruling All…
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Guest Columns

APC Leaders and the National Assembly Debacle, By Olukayode Thomas

In this season of political correctness, when many of our elites and thousands of political jobbers and hustlers with ‘excellent resume and contacts’ are looking for all manners of appointments, speaking against the interest of the ruling class is an abomination. The reason we abhor or are stingy with the…
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