Buhari’s Health: Gloating Is of No Value, By Femi Adesina

Since March 10, when President Buhari returned, purveyors of evil have disappeared. Vanished! Utterly transmuted, like Brother Jero, in that work by Wole Soyinka. Even on social media, where they had held sway for many weeks, they evaporated. Like a beaten dog, they had their tails between their feet, and…
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Guest Columns

Honouring Kudirat Abiola: More Women Representation Necessary for Democracy to Be Legitimate, By Hafsat Abiola-Costello

I remember her today as I do every day and pray for the continued peaceful repose of her soul. But on this day, 20 years on, I want to ask our leaders to be fair to Nigeria’s women. No bird, no matter how strong, can fly with one wing. No…
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