Mobile Phones, Internet and Jobs In Africa (1), By Rafiq Raji

Access to the internet via mobile phones is having a huge economic impact around the world. Because of the ubiquity of mobile phones and their relative affordability, more and more citizens of poor countries are using the internet to avail themselves of the myriad opportunities on the global communication platform.…
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Accelerating the Provision of Financial Services to Rural Areas in Nigeria, By Inyang John

A viable mobile money platform in Nigeria would trigger a tremendous growth in the country’s financial system as can be seen in Kenya where the service provides an outlet for financial institutions to give out loans which encourage start-ups and the growth of small Financial Services, in simple terms, can…
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Guest Columns

Media and Development: Towards a New African Narrative for New Times, By Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

Protocols Good morning. It is a pleasure to be back in South Africa, and a privilege to address the Seventh African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF). I congratulate AMLF and the African Media Initiative on their choice of locale. South Africa occupies a unique position in the African imagination and ethos.…
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