Aribisala on Tuesday

Nigeria’s Gradual Return To Dictatorship, By Femi Aribisala

If care is not taken, the so-called “next level” of Buhari’s government might be a return to dictatorship. Nigerians are not students of history. History, in Nigeria, is so contentious, it is not even taught in our schools. However, we educate our future through the study of history. A country…
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Ozekhome: Fanning the Embers of Disunity and Subjugation of the Igbo, By Femi Adesina

The Igbo must inevitably produce the president of Nigeria. But that eventuality will not come by listening to hate preachers like Mike Ozekhome. We have seen how hate preachers from the pulpit failed resoundingly in the presidential election. Hate preachers from the bar will also fail, make no mistake about…
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