Guest Columns

The Politics of Bombings and Airstrikes, By Owei Lakemfa

While the ‘international community’ tolerates airstrikes against civilian areas in Mosul, it has severely attacked Russia for carrying out Mosul-like airstrikes in Aleppo. Airstrikes, the pounding of the ground by powerful bombs raining from the skies, are on-going in three countries of the Middle East. Although the targets and victims…
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2015 As the Year of Extreme Poverty and The Terrorist!, By Owei Lakemfa

Yet, the greatest danger to humanity is not ISIS or the terrorist; it is poverty; poverty pushes people into desperate actions, extremist organisations and terrorist cells. With one percent owning about half of global wealth and Oxfam saying some 85 persons own as much wealth as billion persons, the rich…
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