Forty-Five Power Sector Prophecies In 2017, By Odion Omonfoman

Electricity customers should pray against further devaluation of the naira. Customers should pray violently against the floating spirit of the naira. It’s the start of another new year. And as usual, “prophets” are dishing out all sorts of prophecies - from the mundane to the ridiculous, in very, very vague…
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Guest Columns

Getting Power Generation Right In Nigeria!, By Odion Omonfoman

Nigeria has 27 on-grid generation stations with a total nameplate/installed generation capacity of 14,380MW. Available installed generation capacity is approximately 7,500MW on an average. However, actual average generation levels hover between 3,800 MW to 4,700MW, with a peak generation of 4,810MW attained in September 2015. The table below shows the…
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