The Osinbajo Committee is Unconstitutional and should be Disbanded, By Sam Amadi

For the interest of protecting the Constitution and not violating the separation of power in the Constitution, the president should disband the Osinbajo Committee and refer the allegations against the SGF and the DG of NIA to the ICPC and the EFCC respectively for investigation and other consequential actions. On…
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The Nigerian Presidency as a Foster Parent of Crimes, By Pius Adesanmi

The only reason that the identities of the owners of the Ikoyi billions cannot be revealed and an institution of the Nigerian state – NIA – must be given marching orders to own the crime is that there is unity of purpose in the confederacy of illicit interests. They are…
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Guest Columns

Setting A Foreign Policy Agenda for the Buhari Presidency, By Babatunde Afolabi

In recent times, however, Nigeria has not pulled its weight at the continental level for various reasons, such as its inability to produce a coherent continental agenda, and its limited representation at the highest decision-making level of the AU. Perhaps, with the development of a coherent foreign policy strategy following…
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