The Missing Gap In the Pantami-Dabiri Feud, By Zainab Suleiman Okino

Much as I detest Abike Dabiri Erewa’s gender recourse to explain Pantami’s alleged deed, because it is both escapist and cheap, the problem is neither with her nor with Patami, but the system that threw both of them up. Truth be told; there is no cohesion and coordinated approach to…
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Insecurity in Delta State and the Nightmare of a Royal Kidnap, By Nduka Otiono

Why it is still difficult for security forces to use common phone surveillance technology or the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track down kidnappers who use cell phones to chase ransoms beats the imagination. Perhaps not until the chief executive of some State in the region is kidnapped by increasingly…
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Guest Columns

President Buhari in 100 Shades of Grey, By Soji Apampa

Is the 100-day milestone a really good indicator of progress for the new administration against the backdrop of a weak, corrupt State with predatory stakeholders in an environment of economic decline? Just because it worked for Theodore Roosevelt who is credited with it, does it mean it would work for…
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