Nigerian fiscal austerity is a moral armament, By Roberts Orya

Of all the policy options at the disposal of the Federal Government in response to the recent slump in the price of crude oil, fiscal austerity is the most morally justified. It is also the least risky option. However, as with all economic policies, there are countervailing arguments. So, we…
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Bámidélé Upfront

Agriculture Alone Not the Answer to Nigeria’s Mono-Product Economy, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

Nigeria's impulse-driven consumerism and complacent solipsism gnaws at me; it is infectious and in the open for every one to see. It is unsustainable, yet the higher-ups seem unconcerned by it, preferring to import rice from Thailand for distribution in exchange for votes. They tout the rote catechism of lending…
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