Beirut and Santiago In the Streets: Why Multinationals Should Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes, By Magdalena Sepulveda

Will 2020 be as explosive as the year that is coming to an end? This is the anxiety that embraces governments around the world, still destabilized by massive and unexpected popular uprisings. In Chile, where I come from, but also in Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, France, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt, among…
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How Buhari Can Take The Profit Out Of Corruption, By Kolawole Olaniyan  

President Muhammadu Buhari has rather wisely turned the spotlight on recovering stolen funds. The President recently confirmed that his government has “received firm assurances of cooperation from the and other countries on the recovery and repatriation of funds stolen from Nigeria. According to the President, “the government in the next…
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