Ifeanyi Uddin

That We May Not Be Taken For Granted, Again, By Uddin Ifeanyi

The biggest disservice done this space by the almost 7 years of the Goodluck Jonathan administration was not its signal lack of qualification for the job at hand — although how this fate befell us still remains one of our darker mysteries. Its main damage was that by contributing to…
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Guest Columns

PERSONAL FINANCE: The Billionaires Playground, By Kenneth Doghudje

Billionaires love to play. The moguls and titans who grace Nigeria’s rich list are avid players who play to win. One major difference between this select group and the majority of us is where they choose to play. Now I am not talking about the Polo clubs, Race tracks, Boat…
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Ebeneezer Obadare

Why Nigeria Must Jettison The Presidential System Of Government, By Eric Teniola

Either we like it or not, the presidential system of government is killing us. It is so wasteful and too expensive to operate. Abstract: On Saturday October 18, 1975, the then Head of State, General Murtala Muhammed told the opening session of the 50-man constitution drafting committee at the Nigerian…
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Politics of Deportations: Where Are the Northern Governors? By Gimba Kakanda

Religion and nationalism are the most powerful forms of indoctrination and, in the name of these two, many injustices can be done so that our idea of a shared humanity is thus contradicted and ridiculed. Nationalism is theoretically the healer of a colourfully diverse country possessed by the ghosts of…
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