So Much Fuss About a Governance Code and the Church, By Simbo Olorunfemi

For me, the real issues that should be up for consideration are – Is there anything in us that seems to compel us to personally appropriate institutions? Is there something about our culture that makes us anti-corporate in disposition? Why does everyone seek to personally own rather than pull together…
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Dr. Felix Omobude: Celebrating a Gentleman of Integrity, By Simbo Olorunfemi

Dr. Omobude’s philosophy of life encapsulates what we most desire in our leaders – a sacrificial commitment to the major rather than an obsession with the minor. This is wishing this gentleman of integrity, a wonderful celebration. Our prayer for him, at seventy, is for a healthy life, so that…
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Guest Columns

Governor Nasir El Rufai and the Contradictions of Legislating Faith, By Chris Ngwodo

Governor El Rufai is in the right battle but he is armed with the wrong weapons. Rather than a bill to regulate preaching, the Kaduna state government would be best served by enacting laws that address hate speech and incitement, hate crimes, noise pollution, and the proper use of public…
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