EDITORIAL: Nigeria Must Not Transform the Shiites Into Enemies

Nigeria is a multi-religious country in which the two main faiths, Christianity and Islam, are sub-divided into numerous sects and groups, not all of which accept each other. Our Constitution protects all of them by guaranteeing religious freedom. Any attempt to deprive any religious group from the freedom to practice…
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Thoughts on the Indictment of the Nigerian Army for the Zaria Massacre, By Pius Adesanmi

If you set up panels to at least symbolically defy the president's shameful silence on these critical fronts, the findings of such panels may be actionable in the future. An administration hostile to silence may pick them up and act. You owe it to that future to at least do…
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A Rejoinder to Emir Sanusi’s Malicious Insinuations on the Zaria Massacre, By Haruna Elbinawi

Emir Sanusi and these corrupt Northern elites must understand that the Nigerian constitution guarantees freedom of worship for all Nigerians. Their attempt to suppress and crackdown on Nigerian Shia Muslims is unconstitutional and wicked. What is wrong with Sunni Islam today is not that millions are abandoning is for Shia…
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