Leadership: Mustering the Resolve to Produce Great Achievements, By Taiwo Odukoya

...we can rally Nigerians around the common cause of peace and prosperity, and channel their resilience and creativity accordingly. This can only start with a firm resolve to tackle corruption and mediocrity in our society. As we encourage leaders to make this resolve, we encourage the followers to do the…
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Guest Columns

The Future Depends On the Strength of Our Differences, By Taiwo Odukoya

The true greatness of Nigeria is not in its topography or mineral deposits but in the hearts and minds of its people, all of them, unique in language and culture, in ideology and belief. Leaders from every part of the country, from the public and private sectors, from civil society…
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The People Focused Leader, By Taiwo Odukoya

Therefore, brethren, pick out from among yourselves seven men of good repute… Acts 6:3 "One of the most fundamental lessons of leadership is that if you're a leader, it's not about you, it's about the people." - George Bradt Yes. Leadership is all about people. Leaders will make mistakes, suffer gaps in ideology, face…
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