Guest Columns

President Buhari and Our American Frenemies, By Obadiah Mailafia

When the eminent American political scientist James Coleman was about to embark on his doctoral work at Harvard in the 1950s, he sought advice from his tutor Rupert Emerson. A general in that field, Emerson counselled the young graduate student to focus on Nigeria. He prophesied that Nigeria is destined…
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Bleak Horizon for Democracy in Africa, By Jibrin Ibrahim

One clear indication of this process of the current reality of elections without democracy is the persistence and growth of the abuse of the powers of incumbency to perpetuate personal dictatorships parading as democracy. So many of our rulers in Africa are back to the African tradition of presidents for…
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Shaking Off Patrons of Poverty, By Ofuafo Otomewo

When the great Nigerian political leader, advocate of human and woman rights and fighter for universal adult suffrage, the Late Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti in the mid-20th century asked in the famous words that we “boycott all boycottables”, insisting that African economic activities are not puppeteered by the western world to…
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