Nigeria: Time to Question Everything, By Okey Ndibe

Despite his hectoring rhetoric, President Buhari has no formula for taming the country’s divisive impulses and knocking Nigeria into shape. The sooner he abandons the illusion that he runs a cohesive country, the better for all of us. Nigeria’s economic crisis is acute, exacerbated by religious tensions and political fault…
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Eskor Toyo and the Struggle for the Working Peoples, By Edwin Madunagu

Comrade Eskor Eskor Toyo was indeed an outstanding and exceptional Marxist and Revolutionary Socialist. His commitment to the ultimate elimination of oppression from the face of the Earth – through struggle – never wavered; and his faith in the Working Class and Working People as vanguard agencies for that elimination…
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Adeolu Ademoyo

Buhari, Tinubu, And Their Scripted Logic on the National Question, By Adeolu Ademoyo

...importantly: why is it difficult for a president - Buhari, whose irredentism, zealotry and bigotry - at home and abroad, we all stake everything to clean up, after winning an historic election - to find the so-called first eleven, which Joe Igbokwe referred to, from every part of Nigeria? The…
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Guest Columns

No More Business As Usual: Nigeria’s New-Found ‘Change’ and Lessons from the Past, By Niyi Osundare

Too Big to Fail No national election in Nigeria’s notoriously chequered history has commanded the kind of widespread and nervous international attention that characterised the March 28, 2015 presidential polls. At the continental level, I daresay that only the South African election of April 1994, the very first democratically arranged…
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