Aribisala on Tuesday

The National Interest and the Government Interest, By Femi Aribisala

The rule of law is precisely what it says: It is the rule of lawyers and judges. It is not the rule of presidents, governors and politicians. Generals are, by experience and training, men of courage. They are hardy perennials; men who have distinguished themselves over the years in the…
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Nigeria: Corrupt Criminals and the Morality of the Rule of Law, By Chris Chukwbuzor Azuka

...let the judiciary heal itself first by weeding out the corrupt elements within its fold, for until then, there may continue to be moments of embarrassments for this organ of government. We should not spend our energy castigating our corruption-tackling president for not obeying some poor, unintelligent, impeachable, unfair, unjust…
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Guest Columns

How President-Elect Buhari Can Achieve A Fair Deal For Victims of Corruption, By Kolawole Olaniyan

Today the level of confidence in Nigeria is remarkably high, and President-Elect General Muhammadu Buhari has been described by many as embodying ‘the promise of change’. Hardly surprising given that one of the reasons he became President-Elect is because of his apparent zero-tolerance for corruption. Nigerians have indeed continued to…
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