Monday, June 5, 2023
Steve Ayorinde

Steve Ayorinde

Steve Ayorinde
A journalist, author and media consultant is a former Managing a Director/Editor-in-Chief of National Mirror. He's also a former award-winning Editor of The PUNCH where he had earlier worked as Arts Editor and Member of the Editorial Board. He was educated at the Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Leicester, United Kingdom. He was a European Union Fellow of the Journalists-in-Europe training scheme in Paris and was a grantee of the US States Department's International Visitors Program (IVP). A polyglot and art connoisseur, Steve is the author of Masterpieces: A Critic's Timeless Report (Spectrum Books, 2008) and The Man, The Hill, The City - a cultural biography (ArtPillar Books, 2011). He also edited For Law, For Country: Conversation with the Bar and the Bench (Global Media Mirror Limited, 2012.) Steve is the current Vice-President (West) of the Nigerian Guild of Editors.


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